memory pieces (1992) 30'

piano solo
First Performer: 

various individual movements premiered by David Arden, Carlo Boccadoro, Anthony De Mare, Moritz Eggert, and Yvar Mikhashoff; full set premiered by Andrew Zolinsky

memory pieces consists of the individual movements:

cage (in memory of john cage)
spartan arcs (in memory of yvar mikhashoff)
wed (in memory of kate ericson)
grind (in memory of jacob druckman)
diet coke (in memory of bette snapp)
cello (in memory of anna cholakian)
wiggle (in memory of frank wigglesworth)
beach (in memory of david huntley)


Danny Holt
Innova Recordings
Tomoko Yazawa
Monroe Street Music
Andrew Zolinsky
Cantaloupe Music

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Instruments:  Piano