Live. Know. Love.

Lorelei Ensemble
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To live. To know. To love. In a minimalist sense, these are perhaps the most basic earthly and spiritual responsibilities we possess. Life gives rise to knowledge, knowledge to love, and love perhaps to new life. The order of these is not crucial (they are rather cyclical, in fact). What is certain is that all three belong, at least in part, to this earth as basic elements of our existence. The minimalist artist creates a penetrating and awesome aesthetic from basic units – an honest and profound means of depicting the ineffable elements of our universe. The repetitive, cyclical nature of the style encourages a meditation on solitary elements—be it a syllable or a sentence, a single note or a musical phrase. These elements gain meaning as they evolve into more complex textures carrying basic yet vivid images and emotions.

Works on this album: 

i live in pain (2011) 4'

Text by David Lang (after Beatriz de Dia)
women's chorus; SAA

i want to live (2005) 4'

text by Deborah Artman

i lie (2001) 5'

Text (Yiddish) by Joseph Rolnick
small chorus SAA

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Instruments:  Voice 
Ensembles:  Lorelei Ensemble 
Conductors:  Beth Willer